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Uniform electricity tariff in winter will break the lifeline of the consumer

In Pakistan, the federal government has approved a reduction in electricity prices for consumers in winter. According to a decision of the Cabinet Committee on Energy, electricity consumers will have to pay a bill of 12.66 per unit in winter. However, it should be noted that this will apply to consumers who use more than 300 units of electricity per month. Beneficiaries After the implementation of this decision, consumers using up to 300 units and more will pay their electricity bills at almost the same rates.

According to the decision of the Cabinet Committee on Energy of the Federal Government, this tariff will be applicable from November 1, 2021 to February 28, 2022, which is the cold season in Pakistan. According to experts in this field, The reduction is aimed at increasing power consumption in winter and according to him, the government’s move will not benefit the poor but will provide relief to the high-income earners.

Power generation in Pakistan is done from various sources like water, coal, furnace oil, solar, gas etc. The power generated under this energy mix is ​​supplied to the consumers in seven slabs. According to NEPRA, these seven slabs are sorted according to power consumption. These slabs are for consumers who have 50 units, 51 to 100 units, 101 to 200 units, 201 to 300 units, 301 to 700 units, 700 units. Use up to and approved loads of more than five kilowatts and more.

The tariff figures on these slabs show that consumers using 100 to 200 units pay Rs 10.06 per unit and 200 to 300 units cost Rs 12.15 per unit. Similarly, consumers using 301 to 700 units pay Rs 21 per unit. They have to pay more than Rs. 1 per unit and those who use more than 700 units have to pay Rs. 24.30 per unit. If sales and other taxes, fuel adjustment etc. are included in these rates then the price per unit increases further.